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Press Releases

05 Apr

Metro's Largest OB/GYN Practice Welcomes Dr. Swim

The desire to care for others began early, at the age of 10, and while in high school at Bryan High School in Bellevue, Dr. Rachel Swim’s caring nature began leading her toward a career in medicine.

Completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln was followed by medical school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do at first, which was good,” Dr. Swim said. “It kept my eyes open to other aspects of medicine. I always came around to OB/GYN. It wasn’t until I was doing my clinicals, and I did OB/GYN last, that I knew this was it. I could see myself talking to patients about these issues and I had a passion for it.”

Dr. Swim’s four-year residency training was completed at the University of Missouri in Kansas City and for the past three years she has provided OB/GYN care to patients in Lincoln.

“There are so many intimate subjects that you talk about with your patients as an OB/GYN provider,” Dr. Swim said. “Patients need a provider to talk to and I want to be that person. I see my patients as friends and family and I want to get them through those times – both good and bad.”

In building that doctor-patient relationship, Dr. Swim says the care process should be a partnership and one built on trust.

“I want my patients to be comfortable because if they are then the trust is there,” she said. “When you are comfortable you are able to open up and in medicine it’s about connecting and learning about them as a person. It’s about tailoring that care to the patient – making it fit best for them and doing it as a partnership, not just playing one role or the other.”

Dr. Swim is now seeing OB/GYN patients primarily at Methodist Physicians Clinic Indian Hills (8901 W. Dodge Road). Appointments can be made by calling 402-354-1700. She will also see patients one day a week at Methodist Physicians Clinic 192 Dodge (717 N. 190th Plaza)