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Press Releases

06 Aug

Dr. Morar Joins Staff at Methodist Family Medicine

OMAHA — Dr. Justin Morar, new to the staff at Methodist Physicians Clinic family medicine, has been helping and serving others since high school.

As a sophomore he started shadowing Dr. John Patrick O’Gara, a family friend and anesthesiologist at Methodist Hospital. Excited by what he was learning, Morar began volunteering at nursing homes and mentoring a boy at the Child Saving Institute in Omaha.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree in biology from South Dakota State University, he became a certified nursing assistant at Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital.

“I was able to watch the nurses interact with the patients, watch the doctors interact with the patients, and I've kind of formulated my practice from that,” Dr. Morar said.

While completing his medical training at Des Moines University, he mentored a student through Big Brothers Big Sisters. He completed his residency at Clarkson Family Medicine in Omaha.

Healthy lifestyles and physical activity are also important to Dr. Morar. He was on the baseball team at South Dakota State and now is a member of Team Nebraska Triathlon. Those experiences help him talk to patients who want to improve their lifestyles and reach health goals.

Ultimately, Dr. Morar doesn’t just want to see patients; he wants them to feel involved in their care.

“Patients are going to come in for a multitude of issues,” he said. “But I think the key component is actually listening to them and … getting their perspective on how they want their care to go.”

Dr. Morar is now seeing patients at Methodist Physicians Clinic Regency (10060 Regency Circle). Appointments can be made by calling 402-354-1500.