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    30 Oct

    Methodist Conducts Drills for World Stroke Day

    Dr. Frederick Raiser III assesses a stroke drill patient Tuesday.

    Strokes can happen at any time and in any place, and medical experts say quickly recognizing signs and symptoms of a stroke is crucial.

    "All the way from the beginning of the situation, meaning the symptoms that the patient develops in the field, the emergency medical personnel have to recognize that, and the efficiency is essential," said Dr. David Franco, a neurologist at Methodist Hospital.

    He added: "Every step along the way, all the way through the hospital evaluations, the presentation and emergency room has to happen as fast as possible so we can make decisions to get the medicine into the patient as soon as possible, which helps to preserve brain tissue."

    Methodist Women's Hospital, Methodist Hospital and Methodist Fremont Health conducted drills Tuesday to train their staff on World Stroke Day.

    KETV: Methodist Hospital conducts drills for World Stroke Day